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Drone Docking Station

Fully automated, always available

DroneGrid’s automated system (patent pending) has been deployed and tested in a multitude of industrial applications where regular data collection is paramount. Whether its several times a day or a few times a month, the system is always on standby.

Cost effective and servicable

Our engineers have focused on developing a solution that’s robust yet cost effective to deploy on a large scale. Removing complex moving parts ensures a system that’s not just reliable overall, but also easily serviceable when needed with limited technical expertise.

Seamless platform integration

Whether it’s using a drone pilot model or combining it with our automated system, it’s all seamlessly integrated together and managed from the DroneGrid Cloud Platform.

Multiple sensory integration

Why swap payloads when multiple sensors come integrated by default. Activate multiple sensors at the same time to collect rich data that can be viewed and analyzed in real time.

Get Started

We understand that our customers are interested in the data and not the hardware, so we have built our solution with that in mind. Deploying the automated solution on site has never been easier.