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Deliver better flight data to your clients

We’ve built DroneGrid to unlock the potential of drone data around the world. Our technologies help you improve your data accuracy and deliver the final product with processing and visualization. As you move beyond trial flights and deliver long term engagements, the DroneGrid Platform can play a key role in establishing the ROI for your drone operations.

Fully automated flight planning

Once clients have selected their data products, the DroneGrid platform automatically calculates required equipment, optimal drone flight parameters and flight path for you to help maximize data quality.

Use the DroneGrid Pilot App for DJI drones to enable no-configuration, single-tap flights for all available data products.

Built-in Drone Fleet Management

We understand that your job is complicated enough. Hence, we have simplified drone fleet management and regulatory compliance processing from the ground up, by integrating with the world-leading UTM providers.

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