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Solar Site Inspection

Energy and O&M companies use the DroneGrid Platform to inspect, monitor and manage their solar panels across hundreds of sites. Anomalies are automatically detected, standardizing inspection methods and reducing the potential for subjective biases. Learn More

Construction Site Progress Monitoring

DroneGrid makes site progress tracking more efficient. Resources are better managed. Downtime is reduced. Projects are more often kept on schedule and under budget. Your superintendents, project managers and survey managers can use DroneGrid daily to produce accurate 2D and 3D surface data for use throughout the project - all your data available online whenever, and wherever, you need it.

Roof Inspection

Roofing companies use DroneGrid for a planned, frequent, efficient and safe aerial inspection of a roof or façade, to reduce both cost and risk over the life cycle of the building. The deterioration that is identified early can be rectified early, at lower cost and before the catastrophe, keeping the building’s interior dry, temperature regulated and safe.

Mining & Quarrying

The DroneGrid Cloud is a single point of access to manage and track materials across several sites. In just a few clicks you have survey-grade aerial topographic data to accurately define volumes for stockpiles, blasting, stripping and other mine operations. Once your data is securely in the DroneGrid Cloud, anyone in your company can use the data to calculate volumes, manage materials, create inventory reports, and validate or update mine engineering design plans.

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