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DroneGrid Platform

Industry-leading software thoughtfully designed for enterprise scale drone deployment.

1. Plan

Planning a drone operation has never been easier. You plan your operation by simply signing into the DroneGrid platform, creating an operation, selecting the site boundaries, choosing a pre-defined data product and confirming the order. DroneGrid’s automated platform takes care of everything from there on. No owning or flying drones yourself.

2. Flight

Based on the data product selected DroneGrid automatically assigns it to one of its certified 3rd party drone pilots. On the day of the flight, DroneGrid’s flight automation system ensures the highest data quality standards.

3. Analyze, Measure & Annotate

The flight data is automatically processed into your data product, ensuring the result is enterprise-grade with our unique Quality Control Service. Our intuitive and secure in-browser application allows worksite and office staff to easily explore a site remotely, while advanced enough for technical staff to perform detailed analysis. Built-in tools allow anyone to easily – and accurately – measure distance, area, volume, gradient, temperature and more.

4. Share & Report

Internal and external teams are able to work together, share critical field data through the DroneGrid platform or via a wide range of applications and file formats. Detailed PDF reports are automatically generated, summarizing critical information and making reporting easy.

Explore the Features

In-browser interface

Requires no software installation and is easy to use both for non-technical and advanced users across your organization.

Secure Collaboration

Invite unlimited users to view your data. Manage contractors or team access and permissions easily.

Built-in Tools

Calculate and compare volumes, measure temperatures, distances, areas and gradients, and much more with a few clicks.

Fast Data Turnaround

Your data will be processed and quality checked within hours after the flight was performed.

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